Honest Deal Pledge

I pledge that I, [Your Name], will:

  1. work to secure passage of the Honest Deal Act (a summary of which is available at www.dcconfidential.org/honestdeal) and
  2. faithfully implement the Honest Deal Act and, in particular, a. vote against any maneuver to prevent challenges to federal mandates on state or local governments; oppose any unanimous consent to prevent such challenges; appeal any rulings of the chair to prevent such challenges; and vote to reverse such rulings of the chair; and
  3. work to ensure that the president shall faithfully submit to Congress the report required by the Honest Deal Act within forty-eight hours of introducing the military into an area of ongoing or impending hostilities.

Signature: __________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________




Office I hold or for which I am a candidate: _______________________

Date: _________________________

Please email signed pledges to pledges@dc-confidential.org.