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Advance Praise

“This is an alarming book, and indeed we should be alarmed. . . . we must stop the tricks”
Governor Howard Dean

“This book should be required reading for anyone who believes it’s still possible to reform our failing public institutions and put the federal government back to work for the American people.”
Senator Mike Lee

“Who is responsible for broken government?  Not the people who run it.  David Schoenbrod vividly explains how Washington mutated from democratic accountability to no accountability at all.   DC Confidential will make you want to grab your pitchforks.  This system can’t be fixed. It must be rebuilt to honor the first principle of the American republic: human responsibility.”
Philip K. Howard, Author of the New York Times best-seller Death of Common Sense and The Rule of Nobody/Founder, Common Good

“Otto Von Bismarck once said, ‘Never watch laws or sausages being made.’  It is true that lawmaking is, and always has been, a messy and at times stomach-turning process. But that does not mean it has to be too dysfunctional to solve a society’s major problems. David Schoenbrod takes us inside the sausage factory of Washington, pointing out with precision the five key ways problem-solving is distorted to meet the needs of politicians and insiders.  Most importantly, he offers some practical ideas to clean up the process and make it work better for all.”
Norman J. Ornstein, Co-author of the New York Times best-seller It’s Even Worse than It Looks/Resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute.

“I’m certain Humphrey would be delighted with your book. As am I.”
John G. Stewart, legislative director to Senator (D-MN) and  Vice  President  Hubert  H.  Humphrey  (1962–1969)

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